Tuition fees

The Future Skills Lab is a self-funding operation. We do not receive subsidies or other government assistance. We rely on the fees paid to keep the program running. We believe deeply in the importance of helping the Dutch workforce learn new skills like data science.

To keep it simple and transparent, here’s the exact information on what it costs to participate.

Tuition fees:

  • Employer sponsored participants: 10.000 euro (ex BTW) for the full hard and soft skills program, including Microsoft Professional Certification in the subject area, paid for by your employer.
  • Individual: 10.000 euro (ex BTW) for the full program and certification, paid for by you.
  • Un/Underemployed Individuals: 15.000 euro (ex BTW) shared between future employer and individual. For people seeking new employment, we offer an additional option. If you would like dedicated assistance with helping you find a new job, we will provide service and support to help you. The costs of your training can be paid by your future employer. If you are eligible, we have a financial needs-based scholarship program. Please be sure to fill out the extra questions in the application regarding household size and income.