Information for Employers

Information for Employers

Our business model

The Future Skills Lab is a self-funding operation. We do not receive subsidies or other government assistance. We rely on the fees paid to keep the program running. We believe deeply in the importance of helping the Dutch workforce learn new skills like data science.

To keep it simple and transparent, here’s the exact information on what it costs.

Get your own employees trained

  • 10.000 euro (ex BTW) per participant for the full hard and soft skills program, including Microsoft Professional Certification in the subject area, paid for by the employer.

Hire one of our candidates

What can you expect from Future Skills Lab?

Firmly committed to life-long learning, we believe that these programs add an existing layer of knowledge to the strengths and experiences of each person. So rather than go with the approach that at the end of the program that we stamp “Data Scientist” on them and expect them to forget everything they have done prior, we encourage them to apply their new knowledge to their current strengths. If you are a dedicated marketing person, how does Data Science knowledge apply? Or a technical project manager? Or a sales professional? We are adding to their competencies, not replacing them or rebranding them. It helps if you think about this as well with your employees – where can they expect to use these new skills? Your employee is returning to you, ready to try new things, innovate and solve problems. Isn’t it more sustainable to invest in your existing people than to start over?

If you are a prospective employer and want to strengthen your team with Data Science knowledge, let us know. By being open to people from all work and education backgrounds, we have people with so many different skills. Our attendees come with work experience, life experience, persistence, learning mindset and curiosity as a minimum!

Applications for the January 2019 run of Future Skills Lab – Data Science will be opened in November.

The Future Skills Lab is an initiative of:

Future Skills Lab Partner - Do Good Only Company

BreinWave Breakthrough Innovations

Future Skills Lab Partner - DataChangers