Future Skills Lab Team

For our labs, our Future Skills Lab team is looking forward to help you getting the skills you want. If you want to become a trainer yourself, then please drop us a note.

Jurjen den Besten – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Jurjen den Besten - Future Skills Lab Team

My name is Jurjen den Besten. From my background in mechanical engineering and assetmanagement I entered the domain of data analytics. I’ve seen and experienced how data analytics can help to detect anomalies and failures in an infrastructural context, and in some cases help to prevent those. Since 2013 I have developed and specialized myself more and more in data science. In 2018 I started as a freelance data scientist in my own company Datakracht (translated Dataforce). My goal is to help companies make their decisions data driven.

Sumana Bhlapibul – Data Science Coach from The Do Good Only Company

Sumana Bhlapibul - Data Science Coach

Hi, my name is Sumana Bhlapibul, I am a Data and Information management consultant. As a consultant, I analysed business information and recommended how best to utilise them to improve business performance in 4 areas i.e. data, tools, processes and people.

I am a chemical engineer with a master degree in International Business and Industrial Development. I am a certified data science professional, supply chain professional, PRINCE II project management practitioner and .Net web development. I wrote various technical papers and gave trainings e.g. data integration, supply chain vertical integration. I have hands on experience with many IT tools i.e. Data Science – R, Python, Spark, Azure ML, Drawing – MS Visio, Database – MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Reporting Tool – Business Object, Data Historian – Exaquantum, PI, Development – VB.Net, VBA, Document Management System – Livelink, SharePoint and of course MS excel, MS word, MS power point and MS project.

I am a true believer of diversity. Everyone should be themselves and walk their own path. Nevertheless I will shine the light to make their way clearer. I am looking forward to inspiring others to be their best and in turn I am inspired.

Eva van Brummelen – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Eva van Brummelen - Future Skills Lab Team

As a Business Analytics student in the master phase, I like to combine mathematics and programming to solve complex business challenges. The last three years I’ve worked as a teaching assistant at the Vrije Universiteit. I enjoy this very much, because the work is diverse and allows me to transfer knowledge to first- and second year students.

Suzanne Chang – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Suzanne Chang - Future Skills Lab Team

Hi, my name is Suzanne, a Digital Marketing Strategist with, from my background in development and data I became passionate about everything digital. I entered the domain of data with my interest in online marketing and conversion rate optimization.

To further help companies with their digital marketing. I have entered the field of data science recently, and am really enthusiastic about the possibilities it has. In my free time, I’m a coach to teach how to code and would love to make coding a regular course in schools.

Poké Man – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Poke Man - Future Skills Lab Team

Hi, my name is Poké and after a career in the banking industry I pursued my interest in Data Science. I’m passionate about transforming complex data to a diverse audience through storytelling and helping people to understand what data is all about and what you can do with it. I believe that making data accessible for everyone and sharing knowledge can contribute in gaining insights and better decision making. Being a coach gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge on varies subjects but also learn from others 🙂

Tristan Slobben – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Tristan Slobben - Future Skills Lab Team

I’m Tristan Slobben and next year I will start my Master Business Analytics (BA) following my Bachelor BA. I like to optimize business processes and I enjoy analyzing big data by applying mathematics, informatics and data science tools. During the past two years I also have been working as a teaching assistant at the Vrije Universiteit, which allowed me to give students insights into the world of data analytics. Furthermore, I am tutoring secondary school students in math and it is very stimulating to see their improvements.

Meagan Tjon Sjoe Sjoe – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Meagan Tjon Sjoe Sjoe - Future Skills Lab Team

Hi, my name is Meagan and I am a Business Analytics and an Operations Research student in my master phase. The possibilities that data analytics offers are endless. I think it is amazing to see how analyzing data can solve challenging problems. I enjoy helping people and companies to explore these opportunities, to make better decisions.

Alexander van Spaendonck – Data Science Coach from DataChangers

Alexander van Spaendonck Coach

Hi, my name is Alexander and I am a masterstudent at the University of Amsterdam. I studied both physics and mathematics in Groningen and now I am focussing on theoretical physics here in Amsterdam. My background in both these fields learns me how to strip down complex problems to its core essentials and solving them using all the mathematical tools that are available. In the past I already taught courses as a TA and here at Datachangers too I hope to help a lot of people solving interesting problems.

Peter de Haas (Breinwave) – Founding Partner

Peter de Haas - Breinwave

Peter de Haas is an experienced IT and business professional with over 27 years of experience in the IT industry. He has led engagements addressing issues of strategy, organization, and operations in Consulting-, Sales-, Business Development as well as implementation related roles.

He has worked extensively on solutions around Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Collaboration solutions, Business Intelligence, Social Business, Enterprise Content Management, Unified Communications, Mobile Solutions, IT Strategy and Change Management.

Peter is the Founder and Managing Director of Breinwave. Breinwave is part Broad Horizon and supports organisations by creating breakthroughs in Productivity, Customer Insight en Customer Interaction, through the advice and implementation of Microsoft technologies in a business context: “where and how does technology add value for our customers, their employees and their customers”.

Prior to starting Breinwave, Peter worked at Microsoft for 9 years; he started in 2004 in the Enterprise & Partner Group as Sales Manager for the Information Worker Group which focuses on the platform for Communication & Collaboration; the foundation for The New World of Work.

From 2008 until 2011 Peter was Online Strategy Manager for Microsoft Netherlands; responsible for the implementation and execution of Microsoft’s Cloud Services Strategy.

In 2012 Peter took on the role of Partner Sales Lead, responsible for the partnership with the top 100 Solutions Partners and the License Solution Partners in The Netherlands.

Before Microsoft Peter was Service Line Manager for the Dutch Microsoft Practice in Electronic Data Systems (EDS). He was also previously with Emeritor as Managing Principal for Consulting Services and worked as Principal Consultant Northern Europe at Unisys; leading the Network and Desktop Consulting Practice.

Peter blogs about developments in the ICT industry with a preference for Microsoft.

Caroline Williams (The Do Good Only Company) – Founding Partner

Caroline Williams The Do Good Only Company

The Future Skills Lab is the perfect place for me to bring together two areas I believe in – life long learning for all and ethical technology. Prior to founding The Do Good Only Company, I’ve worked in industries from aviation to software and I tend to have an example for everything! I am really looking forward to coaching our next group of curious learners.

Marian Dragt (DataChangers) –  Founding Partner

Marian Dragt - Future Skills Lab Team

I’m passionate about analytics. I love to explore data and craft models in order to help companies and people making better business decisions. Besides, I like using technology to give people better insights.