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The Do Good Only Company

The Do Good Only Company BV is focused on increasing access, knowledge and opportunity to digital skills. In our experience, the scarcer the skill in the market, the more organizations need diverse teams. Need and scarcity drive a willingness to experiment and innovate, with respect to people and technologies. We firmly believe that the future of technology, from developer to consumer needs to be far more representative of our society and we want to play an active part in making that a reality together with likeminded organizations and partners.

Future Skills Lab Partner - Do Good Only Company


As Gold partner of Microsoft, Breinwave supports organizations in their ongoing challenge of adopting new technologies and turn them into relevant business solutions. Through our practice SMART we deliver a combination of solutions and services that enable organizations to get the most out of available data and to become a data-driven organization. For more information, checkout: www.breinwave.nl

BreinWave Breakthrough Innovations


We have a huge shortage of data specialists. Therefore, we decided to offer accessible courses, and with a pragmatic approach. We believe that everyone, at any level, can make a change in this new world of data, if you have talent, passion and perseverance. We believe that you can develop your own potential, so you can change yourself, and make impact. We welcome you to change your world with data. Start exploring our Future Skills Labs, and start discovering what this world of data has to offer you!

Future Skills Lab Partner - DataChangers

RAAK academie

About the founder Barbara Veldt: “My name is Barbara Veldt. I work as a delevopmental and organisational Psychologist and Systemic therapist for more than 25 years. My mission is to facilitate people’s growth and change by offering support, guidance and structure so people can recognize and learn to trust their own full potential. To accomplish this I use empathic understanding of people’s experiences, unconditional acceptance and a congruent and genuine attitude. From there people can develop more self awareness so they can take new perspectives and open the window of their social and emotional growth. ”

Future Skills Lab Partners - RAAK academie