Welcome to Future Skills Lab! Here you can learn data and AI skills hands on.

There’s a huge demand for people who know how to work with data, including managing it, cleaning it and using it. We learn by doing! In our programs, you will learn what’s required to bring data to life and make it usable, anywhere and in any company. Plus we will have two weeks of soft skills training to help you put your new technical skills to work for you. During this program, we will also be working hard to help you find a new job, if that’s your wish.

Our programs are a unique combination of technical knowledge (hard skills), soft skills and hands on training.

Applications for the next January 2019 run of the Future Skills Lab – Data Science will be open in November

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Future Skills Lab Programs

The Future Skills Lab Programs will run thoughout the year. Currently, we offer the Future Skills Lab Data Science program.

Future Skills Lab Data Science program

Application Future Skills Lab Data Science Program

How does the Application Future Skills Lab Data Science Program work?

Are you curious about Data Science? Would you like to find a way to add Data Science knowledge to your current career? Or try something entirely new? Then consider joining our next edition of Future Skills Lab – Data Science.

Data Science principles and the ability to work with data can be found in all fields. Knowing how to structure, clean and work with data means that you can explore further and provide answers to questions the business needs. It’s not just businesses that need people with data skills, non profit organizations, governments and schools also need people who know how to this. Whatever your chosen field, there’s a way that data science can be applied to it.

During the program

In the three months, the Future Skills Lab will provide with these skills. Plus we will offer a series of soft skills to help you develop personally to match your new technical knowledge. We will come together at our facilities for Lab Days* on Mondays and Thursdays to work on your hard skills, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays you continue working by yourself, with the support of your class. We’ll also ask you to be part of community, complete with Fridays as Garage Days  to hack on your own projects, create hands on experiences, publish your story – whatever project that speaks to your creativity and interest. At the end of the technical skills, you will have worked on a final project. Passing the classes and the capstone means you will have earned a Microsoft Professional Certificate in Data Science.

*Lab Days are subject to change, we hope you are flexible.

After the program

And then what? If your current employer sponsored you to attend, you’ll go back to work ready to apply Data Science to your daily work and grow. If you joined us as someone who is looking for work, we will be working with you throughout the Lab to connect you with the right next step based on your strengths, interests and matching employer. In case you applied for a scholarship, your future employer will provide the sponsorship costs for your attendance. If you’re someone who has joined us individually to have structure and companionship around the learning experience, we hope that you will remain part of community.

What are we investing in each other?

  • We provide you with dedicated coaches who have been through this certification process and know the material. We also speak Dutch and English.
  • We provide you with soft skills coaching in two week long sessions
  • Together, we’ll create opportunities to highlight your work and get you practical hands on experience.
  • We believe that you will work hard, do your best and help each other. This is an intensive program and it will take a lot of your time and energy!
  • You are committing to yourself, your fellow participants and your coaches that you will complete the program.
  • You can find info about the tuition fee here.

Application steps

So, is this something for you? If you want to explore further before applying, follow these steps:

  1. Signup for a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one, get one at https://signup.live.com/.
  2. With that same account, go to Datachangers Academy and register for the Introduction to Data Science course.
  3. Give the class a try and see if Data Science is for you.
  4. If so, come back to this site and apply to join – don’t wait too long!
  5. Tell us what you think about the class during the Introduction Call!

Our next class starts in February 2019, and application will be open in November 2018! Course content is in English, all your coaches speak Dutch and English.

Are you an (prospective) employer who would like to get your people trained, or hire new talent? We welcome you to explore your options.

If you want to join one of our next cohorts, we welcome you to contact us!


We welcome you to drop by and have a coffee to contact Future Skills Lab and discuss your questions. Of course you can also drop us a note: